Make an IMPACT for FSCJ

FSCJ is one of the top 150 U.S. Community Colleges by the Aspen Institute, providing educational opportunities and workforce training in a variety of ways to meet the unique needs of our students and local industry. It's our partnership with YOU that helps us sustain and constantly improve on the charge we have as the "community's college", educating the workforce for today and into the future.

Please take a look at the areas below and select where you would like to make an impact.

 FSCJ Employee Giving Campaign

As an FSCJ employee, you are one of the College's greatest advocates, actively promoting our values, supporting our mission and making FSCJ the "community's college." You invest your time and talent in transforming the lives of our students through higher education and workforce training. We invite you to extend the impact you make by participating in "I'M IN!" FSCJ Employee Giving Campaign.

 Workforce Development

FSCJ provides exceptional programming and curriculum to meet the economic needs of our community; providing highly skilled, specially trained graduates who are career-ready. Your gift will have a positive and lasting IMPACT on the economic mobility and empowerment of today's graduates for generations to come.


The cornerstone of FSCJ's educational mission is to empower our students and faculty to succeed in doing their best work. That success is directly related to the quality of the facilities, equipment and infrastructure needed to immerse our students in a contemporary learning experience that prepares them for success in today's work environment. Your gift will help us keep pace with those evolving needs.


Scholarships provide the critical means for many of our students to afford and elevate themselves through higher education. Scholarship funds are awarded based on a variety of factors including financial need, volunteerism, areas of study and academic success.

 Program Enhancements

FSCJ works to provide the highest quality training and instruction available to its students in high-demand careers such as information technology, logistics, nursing, welding and aviation maintenance. Your support of FSCJ's program enhancements helps us sustain the competitive advantage our students enjoy in the workforce and further their career advancement opportunities.

 Student Emergency Assistance Fund

Many of our students are facing overwhelming hardships and the impact of COVID-19 has brought new challenges, such as unemployment, food insecurities, housing, and access to technology and remote learning tools. Your gift will make an immediate IMPACT on the well-being of our students in these extraordinary times.


A gift to BlueWave Athletics makes it possible for our promising athletes to have the best in facilities, equipment, training and conditioning while preparing their minds for the next step, wherever it may lead. You can direct your donation toward the general athletics fund or select to support one of our seven athletic teams.

 FSCJ Dental Clinic Renovation Project

This renovation project will advance and modernize the training facilities for the dental programs at FSCJ. Student capacity will be expanded and we can ensure essential dental services continue to be provided to those who need it most in our community.